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Carla, our intrepid Spanish / English Tour Guide live from Kyoto !


Japan’s cherry blossoms are famous the world over, but the fall foliage in Kyoto is perhaps even more beautiful. Here’s our guide, Carla from Madrid (Spain), longtime resident in Japan,  on how to see the Autumn Colors in Kyoto at its best. But not only!  The leaves start changing in Kyoto sometime in October. The peak of fall foliage usually comes in mid-November, and you can usually see colors on the trees until mid-December. Thus, in an average year, the foliage season in Kyoto lasts from 15 October to 15 December, with a peak around 15 November.Keep in mind that you can travel a bit in or near Kyoto to find・・・

You would think you're in Kyoto...


But you're not ! Kawagoe is able to offer what your legitimate quest for authenticity is longing and waiting for. It's all there, well, there's definitely way more than one simple single visit to grasp all the subtle singular spots. It's even better to get lost in one of the many tiny and curvy roads which the east side of the Kawagoe region contains and has to offer. We actually recommend you to errand with zero map except the one which takes you to the destination itself, coming from the east side of the station. Perfect for a a little 40min by train escape from the crowded Tokyo, perfect for those who・・・

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