• How long in advance can I book a private Rakutabi service? 

You can book one of our private Rakutabi guide(s)  about 3 months in advance prior to your departure. Do not hesitate to contact us at contact@rakutabi-guide.com or via our Contact Form for more specific inquirie(s) in this regard. 


  • What happens if I have to cancel my private tour booking service?

Your reservation booking fee (partial equivalent to 30% of the total price or integral, depending on your payment method) will be fully reimbursed by PayPal money transfer or via bank wire transfer. We will ask you to provide us your bank info details in order to proceed to the international wire transfer, such as : 


Your Account Holders NameYour recipient's full name
Account NumberYour recipient's bank account number
IBANYour International Bank Account Number. Read More about IBANs here
Bank NameYour name of the bank where your recipient's account is held
Bank AddressYour address appearing on your recipient's bank
  • Is there a way I can pay the guide’s fee other than by cash on the day of the visit?

Yes, it is possible to do so by choosing the " Full amount - PayPal(+JPN 1500) " from the Booking Page . Please be aware that an additional fee equivalent to 1500JPY will be added to your initial total booking fee in order to cover to bank commission fee.  

  • What happens if I have to cancel my reservation ?

In the event where the reservation is canceled by the Client, regardless of the reason, cancellation fees are charged in order to refund the initial amount paid to RAKUTABI (equivalent to 30% of the total booked - requested service or to 100% of the total booking fee, depending on your payment method) under specific conditions and liabilities :

-50% will be refunded if the cancellation request is made more than 7 days before the initial accompanying date;
-100% if the cancellation request is made within a period not exceeding 7 days before the initial accompanying date;

  • Cancellation of your order / reservation 

In case your flight to Japan would have to be cancelled / delayed or due to an event related to a missed connection, RAKUTABI will make every effort so that the partner (the initially notified “private Rakutabi guide”) should contact "you - the Client"  in order to find some mutual arrangement - agreement (ex,possibility of rescheduling - retiming the initially booked guiding service) unless this sudden timetable change would be too problematic for both parties ( for example, leading to a situation where both parties schedules would not match).

In case of a Force Majeure even such as defined by the Civil Code and the Japanese courts (source :Japanese Civil Code)(e.g. such as an earthquake, a typhoon or a flight cancellation, RAKUTABI will make every effort to contact both the Partner (the " guide") and the Customer (the Rakutabi Client) by sending a prompt e-mail to let both parties know about which procedure shall be taken accordingly : this may cause some change to the planned schedule, as well as change in the initially booked calendar (booking date(s)) and , in the most extreme cases and without alternative, complete cancellation of the requested - booked service (with full refund booking fee on canceled accompaniments). It is the same in case of cancellation of the service by the Partner.

For more details, please refer to our PRIVACY POLICY page.