Late Spring - May 2017

After the cherry season and before the Japanese "rainy" season and some the hot/humid summer weather.  Some people find May one of the best times to visit Japan.  We have put together a two week tour taking in many beautiful sigh

Summer Japan Rail Tours - July 2017

Experience Tokyo in summer!  Summer is a great time to soak up the heat and also head to the cooler mountain regions.  While July can be very hot, it is a great opportunity to make the most of the long daylight hours.

Japan September Tour 2017

September offers a great opportunity to take in some later summer weather - warm days and long sunshine hours provide a good time to travel around the sights of Japan and enjoy the cooler evenings.

Autumn Leaf Viewing - Nov 2017

Autumn is probably the second most popular season to visit Japan.  With the weather more settled and warmer than early spring, the leaf viewing season (koyo) lasts a little longer and presents more vibrant colours across the parks, hillsides and mountains.

Christmas in Japan, New year in Tokyo - December 2017