Your travel journey is intirely private and customized.

Our Rakutabi guides will allow you to spend several hours in centuries-old temples, in huge, ultra-modern buildings, in trendy neighborhoods filled with young people and neighborhoods frozen in time, all in an interesting range of typical scenery. You will feel like you have traveled several countries in one day.

A trip to Japan is often paired with observation of a way of life so different from ours. A full-day guided tour allows, in addition to seeing the sights to be seen, to share your travel experience with someone who has lived there for a long time, available to answer your questions. Our Rakutabi guides always love hearing the thoughts and questions of travelers new to Japan.


​Half Day or Full Day

You decide ! Our very experienced and friendly Rakutabi guides are here to match your travel needs and each journey can be fully customized depending upon your request.

No hidding costs

Decide on a meeting point with the person accompanying you.

Please note that the meals and entrance charges for yourself and your guide are not included.

Book whenever you want

You can book one or several private escort journeys in Japan up to 6 months in advance (see your contact form for details).

Your booking is entirely private

You do not share your
private escort journey with other persons. Our Rakutabi guide is entirely dedicated to guide you during this journey.

Your private tour is fully customized

Before your arrival in Japan, your Rakutabi guide fully plans and organizes your customized private tour, according to your own preferences given by you by the time your booking has been confirmed.


Break the language barrier

Our Rakutabi guide speaks your language and will facilitate your journey in many ways. Ask us for details.

Discover our Special Signature Tours


*Our strenghts *

  • Our company is based in Japan, unlike most of your regular private tour guide service around.
  • Our team is here to assist you at any time during your stay in Japan.
  • Travel with a total peace of mind !
  • We can provide AirBnB rooms, ask us for details.