Rakutabi is made of passionate people who love to bring the best that Japan has to offer to his visitors.

Our multinational team is based in Japan and most of us have been working within the tourism – leisure industry for many years. Our goal is to provide you a real private – customized – private guiding experience through the main touristic locations (Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka…).

Your Rakutabi guide, chosen for his/her friendliness, cultural knowledge and helpfulness, will assist you to better enjoy your stay.
By introducing you to the local customs and sending you to the best places, our Rakutabi guide helps you have a unique experience of daily life in Japan, total immersion.

Contactable by phone and email throughout your stay to assist and provide information, our Rakutabi guides will allow you to discover Japan safely.





thomas v.

Thomas V.

Hi everyone, my name is PJ and I am long-time Tokyo resident. For the last 10 years, I've been traveling extensively through Tokyo and some of the best spots around Japan and I'm now willing to give new comers to Japan a very unique travel experience. 



Hello Japan lovers !

My name is Sumie and I'm a Japanese entrepreneur woman and mother, I have always loved interacting with foreigners living and/or coming to visit Japan and I'll be your local anchor point !.

our team

Our Guides Team

Our guides are both multilingual and very knowledgeable about Japan (languages covered : English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese). They will take you to the best spots in Tokyo and around, fully customized private tours!