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María (Argentina)


5 days tour (Tokyo - Nikko - Hakone - Kyoto - Osaka)Nos lo pasamos genial en Japón con tu guía Carla. Una experiencia muy agradable, lo haremos de nuevo.

Varma (U.S.A)


Tokyo (Asakusa - Sumida River Cruise - Odaiba - Harajuku) - 8HMy wife and I had a great time exploring Tokyo and its must seen places along with our very experienced Rakutabi guide. Will definitely do it again in a near future.   " Highly recommended."

Maxime (France)


Tokyo - Old " Shitamachi " historical town - 8HJ'ai beaucoup aimé l'accueil et l'impression générale. Notre guide Rakutabi s'est montré très professionnel et nous a aidé pour tout un tas de choses dès notre arrivée à Tokyo. "Je recommande !"

Karen (Australia)


Tokyo - Full Day (10H) I had a great time exploring Hakone and its beautiful lake / mountains / volcano. The car cable adventure as well as the small pittoresque local train taking us to the region is an absolute must-do! Our Rakutabi guide was very knowledgeable about the place as well as super friendly. Will definitely do it again in a near future. "Highly recommended."

Elisabeth (U.S.A.)


Tokyo - 8H (Full day)My father promised me to take me with him to Japan and it finally happened ! Our Rakutabi guide took us to all the major trendy and fashionable spots of Tokyo and was patient enough to wait for us while we were buying tons of souvenirs around Harajuku. Great overall experience, super friendly all the way.

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